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Little shepherd´s project

We think it is important that children get to know rackas and their surroundings from a small distance. Therefore children, either in groups or with their parents, are always welcome on our farm.
Here they can be little shepherds for a couple of hours or a whole day. They learn how to mind the sheep and can help to look after them.
It is well-known that activities like minding sheep, going for walks in the countryside etc. can give people a feeling of happiness. On pastureland children can find such pleasant effects. There they can watch birds quietly in the shadow of a pear tree, they can roll down a hill or they can make a shepherd´s stick. While doing this children hum or sing instinctively, strengthening their feeling of happiness.


“When you have more than you need, bulid a longer table not a higher fence!”-sounds the saying and we agree with it.

In the sence that we give lambs our friends to keep and get to know this beautiful and valuable sheep. We hope to initiate a circle of racka-friends in Transylvania.

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